Why SoTL is valid scholarly research

Quality Criteria (Chemistry)
        Theory relatedness
        Quality of research questions
        Interpretation and presentation of results
        Implications for practice
        Competency in chemistry
Notes on Quality Criteria
Research needs to be robust, rigorous, valid, reliable and recognised for peer review to attain an acceptable standard
Theory relatedness
·         We need to first consult literature to determine what is known (just like synthetic projects) to determine
·         What can be added to the field?
–Quality of research questions
·         Then we can develop research questions that are likely to be useful to the wider community and provide us directions for investigation
·         Research methods, either quantitative or qualitative if it’s more appropriate, need to provide sufficient data to answer research questions
·         Chem. Ed research also needs to take ethical considerations into account and ethics approval needs to be obtained before commencing any data collection
– Interpretation and Presentation of results
·         Needs to be understood by others
–Implications for practice
·         Research should have a direct or indirect impact on teach and learning
·         Findings from chem ed can also have an immediate impact as anything found to benefit students can be implemented straight away
–Competency in chemistry
·         Not only is it important to have competence in chemistry, it is also important to be competent in education
Chemistry education can be a lot more unpredictable than synthetic projects because it deals with people. If something doesn’t work you can’t just increase the temperature and pressure, like in a synthetic project to improve yield or outcomes.
Contact Alex Yeung for more information on Quality Criteria in chemistry.

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