Monday, 21 May 2012

May Newsletter

1. Welcome
Here is the first newsletter of the Science and Mathematics network of Australian university educators -- SaMnet.
Circulation = 100 SaMnet Scholars / ‘leaders of change’, those of you pursuing action-learning projects.
2. Conferences
Australian Conference on Science and Mathematics Education (ACSME), Sydney, 26-28 September. Abstracts due 15 June.
Other conferences you are attending this year? Tell us where you will be (survey sent last week), and we will connect you with other ‘SaMnet’ delegates.
3. Collaboration
Collaborate with other project teams on a panel presentation or paper.
SaMnet website now lists projects by Topic and Discipline, as well as Region.
Vanderlelei, Lawrie, and Pearce – Did you know that you are each evaluating the learning impact of ‘new media’ assignments? King and Simson – Transition.
Joint grant proposal to the Office for Learning and Teaching?
4. SaMnet activity
21 action-learning projects are under way. 8 expressions of interest in new projects were recently approved.
The SaMnet workshop you took part in during February or April was repeated in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, and Perth.
Mini-workshops in person -- Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne in May-August.
Mini-workshops on Skype/teleconference -- June-August.
Website – See the new ‘Resources’ page. ‘Events’ = a calendar. Add notes on your project in the ‘Member’s Area’. Revisit this newsletter.
5. Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL)
SaMnet SoTL writing workshop in Melbourne in July (stay tuned for further info).
SoTL efforts in STEM at a US uni --
6. Leadership
The 8 steps involved in leading change described by Harvard professor John Kotter –
The ‘transition’ model of William Bridge, how change requires people to let go, experience confusion, then engage with new energy --
7. Team in focus: The SaMnet HQ crew
In each newsletter, we will tell you about one SaMnet project team. As ‘charity begins at home’, we will start with our own names, ‘day jobs’, and what we do to support SaMnet.
Manju Sharma –Lecturing, supervising, directing various institutional and national endeavours, and leading SaMnet! Chief Coordinator of SaMnet.
Will Rifkin – E-mails by the bucketload, project planning, and commuting to Brisbane. Executive Manager of SaMnet.
Stephanie Beames – Supporting teaching and learning in the Faculty of Science and Engineering at QUT. Creative input & operational insight for SaMnet’s executive team.
Alex Yeung, PhD Chemistry Education – Managing IISME, including ACSME conference and IJISME journal, and various institutional endeavours. Providing occasional help with SaMnet.
Matt Hill, PhD Candidate – Multiple representations in learning university physics. Website and resources for the SaMnet community.
Waki Wohoro, Physics Major – Analysis of E-mail correspondence for SaMnet. New member of the team, to help make your life (and ours) that much easier.
8. Classifieds
The Dawson – van Loosen – Yeo team at Curtin is looking for a senior mathematician to try their video-based resources for first-year students.