One voice for Science & Maths ...
SaMnet is a new national network that brings together university academics to collaborate on national issues in university science and mathematics education. It is working co-operatively with discipline networks and universities to develop educational leaders, to foster and spread best practices, and to promote cultural change in university teaching and learning. SaMnet has been conceived to provide a coherent voice on policy related to university science, and it represents a source of expertise for science faculties in areas such as curriculum review. To support more frequent and productive communication and collaborations, SaMnet is coordinating regional and online meetings as well as a national website.

SaMnet Action-Learning Projects
SaMnet offers a model for collaborative teaching and learning projects. The team undertaking each project are supported by advice, peer review, and leadership training from SaMnet. SaMnet will assist project participants to disseminate their work and to publish in scholarly teaching and learning journals. In its first two years, SaMnet will work with at least 25 action-learning projects across Australia.

Over the next two years, SaMnet will focus on:
(1) learning and teaching standards for science and mathematics,
(2) dissemination of more effective and efficient approaches to laboratory exercises and inquiry learning,
(3) effective use of learning technologies and new media, and
(4) leadership training for science and mathematics lecturers.