Thursday, 21 February 2013

February Newsletter

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This month's question:
Advice for colleagues about starting the teaching year well?
2. Conferences & publication
ASELL National Science Workshop –2-5 April 2013 at The University of Sydney
EOIs for submission of experiments were due 25 January 2013
Registrations for everyone due 5 March 2013
PDF flyer for the workshop
ASELL Schools Science Workshop – 26 April 2013 at SHORE School, North Sydney, NSW
Know a high school teacher interested in improving science experiments and lab experiences for their students? Pass on this information about the 2013 ASELL Schools Science Workshop.
EOIs for submission of experiments were due 15 February 2013
Registrations for everyone due 5 April 2013
3. Connections/Events
Past:                Perth Teaching and Learning forum 2013 – 7-8 February @ Murdoch University
                        Leadership Development Workshops in February 2013
                        February 4 – Melbourne workshop @ La Trobe University
                        February 5 – Adelaide workshop @ Flinders University
                        February 6 – Perth workshop @ Curtin University
                        February 11 -- Sydney workshop @ U of Sydney
February 15 -- Brisbane workshop @ Griffith University.
Each workshop featured a 1-hour session:
Future:             The website for new ACDS Teaching and Learning Centre is online -
                        ACDS National Workshop – Advancing the Science TLOs
22 Feb. 2013, Melbourne
Match up:        Deb King and Carmel Coady might consider contacting a new member of the SaMnet community, Judy-Anne Osborn of University of Newcastle. A mathematics lecturer, Judy-Anne has some interesting ideas about mathematics at university and the impact of the quality of high school maths teaching and learning.
4. SaMnet activity
February Leadership Development Workshops
5 workshops were run in Australian capital cities. Well attended by SaMnet Scholars, they enabled sharing progress, ideas and advice about the projects, about leadership, and about career advancement. Plus, connecting face-to-face with one another and sharing with SaMnet HQ.
SaMnet talk at Perth T&L Forum 2013
Manju Sharma, Will Rifkin, and Mario Zadnik of the SaMnet steering committee presented “Action learning projects to build leadership capacity and communities of practice: SaMnet update”. Liz Johnson, also of the SaMnet steering committee, provided a session on plans from her OLT Fellowship for the Teaching and Learning Centre of the Australian Council of Deans of Science.
An article on SaMnet has been published in the Australian Journal of Education in Chemistry. Have a read on how your SaMnet engagement is contributing to collective development of the future of Australia’s university teaching in science and maths.
5. Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL)
Reflections on Teaching – R. E. Collins
Richard Collins of the U of Sydney details “the characteristics of outstanding teachers and excellent teaching” and “methods of assessment of teaching”, among other topics in this 2005 article.
Is Surgery Scientific – BBC Radio
Something a little bit different this month: A broadcast of a discussion investigating teaching in terms of the development of practices in surgery. The broadcast addresses the difficulty of developing the “art” of surgery, with clear parallels to the “art” of teaching! Well worth a listen.
6. Leadership insights
Strategies for using listening to influence. American corporate examples, but the approaches can be tailored readily to the Australian academic context. Good for 'distributed leadership', as well as 'command leadership'.
A comprehensive guide to using Twitter for increasing influence in leadership and teaching particularly directed to university academics. It includes simple guides, from setting up a Twitter account to maximising impact and effectiveness.
7. Team in Focus: Interactive Lecture Demonstrations, Toby Hudson, Chiara Neto, Michela Simone, Vanessa Gysbers, Siggi Schmid, Kathryn Bartimote-Aufflick and Adam Bridgeman.
Interactive Lecture Demonstrations (ILDs) have been developed and implemented in chemistry lectures at the U of Sydney. We are targeting the perceived decrease in lecture importance and attendance by students. The developed ILDs were trialled in some classes in semester 1 2012 and were more widely implemented in semester 2. Data indicates an improvement in student engagement and also in student learning outcomes.
In addition, surveys reveal that students are very positive about demonstrations and particularly the ILDs where worksheets were employed. All lecturers will now be provided with the worksheets when they book an experiment. Interestingly, attendance did not drop in weeks 8-13 as it usually does. Results have been presented by Siggi Schmid at a New Zealand teaching symposium in February 2013.
Toby Hudson is a Lecturer in the School of Chemistry. His research areas include materials structure, network materials and crystal growth.
Chiara Neto is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Chemistry. Her research areas include interfacial slip in simple liquids for microfluidic applications, functional micro-patterned surfaces and superhydrophobic surfaces.
Michela Simone is a Lecturer in the School of Chemistry. Her areas of interest include carbohydrate chemistry, supramolecular chemistry and bioinorganic and medicinal chemistry.
Vanessa Gysbers is a Lecturer in the School of Molecular Bioscience. With a background in gene therapy research, she specialises in methods of gene delivery by viral vectors.
Siggi Schmid is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Chemistry. His research projects encompass a wide range of both synthetic chemistry (Inorganic Coordination Chemistry and Inorganic Solid State Chemistry) and characterisation techniques, in particular X-ray and neutron powder and single-crystal diffraction.
Kathryn Bartimote-Aufflick is a Lecturer in the Institute for Teaching and Learning. Her research is in the field of educational psychology and includes a project on the 'Epistemic stances of academic staff at large research-intensive Australian universities'.
Adam Bridgeman is an Associate Professor and the Director of First Year Studies in the School of Chemistry, as well as the Associate Dean for Learning and Teaching in the Faculty of Science. His research interests include computational inorganic chemistry, bond order and the nature of the chemical bond, and using electronic resources in chemical education.
8. Classifieds
Based in Perth? Want to strengthen your local ‘community of practice’ in SoTL for teaching science, maths, and related subjects? Contact Mario Zadnik who is assembling a ‘SaMwest’network -- Marjan Zadnik

Thursday, 7 February 2013

SaMnet Leadership Workshops including presentation from Liz Johnson - "Changing the Game"

Following a successful week of three workshops in Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth, there are two remaining SaMnet Leadership Development workshops.

11/2/12 - Sydney Workshop
Location: The University of Sydney, New Law Annex SR 444
Program: Click Here

15/2/12 - Brisbane Workshop
Location: Griffith University, Griffith South Bank Graduate Centre, Southbank Room S07_2.16
Program: Click Here

At each event Liz Johnson will be presenting the talk "Changing the Game: The Australian Council of Deans of Science (ACDS) National Centre for Teaching and Learning for Science and Mathematics". All from the wider academic community are invited to the talks which will commence at 10am in the same locations as the workshops. Click Here for the event flyer.