Here are just some of the presentations of the work of SaMnet.

HERDSA News - 1/4/2012
HERDSA News article about SaMnet - "Action-Learning to Build Leadership Capacity: A National Experiment in Science & Mathematics"
An article on SaMnet's structure, activities, and progress published in the newsletter of the Higher Education Research and Development Society of Australia (HERDSA) in April 2012.

FYHE Conference - 26-29/6/12
SaMnet Extended Abstract

RACI ChemEd Conference - 1-4/7/12
SaMnet Poster

ACDS Education Conference - 19-20/7/2012
SaMnet Abstract
SaMnet Poster

Australian Journal of Education Chemistry - 2012
SaMnet Paper: Learning to Lead Change: SaMnet's action-learning projects
An article on how SaMnet teams' engagement is collectively developing the future of Australia’s academic teaching in science and maths. 

Perth Teaching and Learning Forum - 7-8/2/2013
SaMnet Abstract: Acton-learning projects to build leadership capacity and communities of practice: SaMnet update