QR Code

This is a QR code for the SaMnet website:

What is a QR code?

A Quick Response (QR) code is a 2D barcode which has now been popularised due to the ability for mobile devices to both use cameras and connect to the internet.

The information contained in a QR code can include URLs, email addresses, phone numbers, buisness cards, basic text, wifi details, PayPal payments and much more!

How do you use one?

If you would like to read or make QR codes, the simplest method is to download a QR reader app for your IPhone or Android Phone.

Open the app, point it at a QR code and the content of that code will appear on the screen. Try it with the SaMnet QR code above. If you are connected to the internet it should automatically take you to the SaMnet homepage.

What to do with the SaMnet QR code?

If you are making a poster related to your SaMnet action learning project, make sure you include SaMnet's details. The SaMnet button logo is also available below on this page. Copy and paste the QR code somwhere on the poster too and interested viewers can go straight to the SaMnet website without even a click of a button!

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